The Peripheral Also Rises

In William Gibson’s newest novel, The Peripheral (2014), wealthy elites from a distant future are able to contact their past via a quantum server. By doing so, they transform the contacted reality into a “stub”: a dimension whose future is no longer convergent with their own. The inhabitants of this now diverted time-line can then […]

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Religion Explained Explained

“There is only one God! He is omnipotent. But he only exists on Wednesdays.” That is one of the examples Pascal Boyer gives in Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought (2001) for a presumably unmemorable or unsuccessful religious idea (72). Another is “the gods are watching us and they notice everything we do! […]

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Your Acceptance Letter

You have been accepted (ignore the tricks that tell you otherwise) into a creative collective, with no editors, word counts, guidelines, meetings, buy-lines, or minutes not your own. You always were; I’m reminding you. I have no authority, title, or position, and therefore every right, to issue this invitation, to dance with me in public […]

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