closed phones, open philosophy

I nonetheless liked the idea of visible electronics, and I remember dreaming of a world where everything was built to be radically transparent, where you could see through the cosmetic and superficial, all technology giving up its secrets, spilling its source code—cars, washing machines, computers, governments…

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In late February I was on the back of a motorbike in the Dominican Republic, at three or so in the morning. A different part of the road, days before, had been washed out by a mudslide. It was an island of motorcycles, the gas for which would be sold at the side of the […]

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Invocations and Introducitons

Last night there was a thunderstorm, the tectonics of the sky shifting apart.. Sitting on a screened-in porch, I recorded the audio on my laptop, which listening to today  just sounds like breath across a microphone, mildly startled static. There is a line from Melville, about “the air informed with intelligences,” and how “in ourselves […]

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