Bridges, Gates, and Violence

Dimensions drift; realities shear and blend. Whatever you want to keep as true, hold close in the center of your mind, or when you wake the landscape may have shifted. I used to think that too much stayed the same, that lives were locked in stable states of déjà vu. As a child I stacked […]

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Your Acceptance Letter

You have been accepted (ignore the tricks that tell you otherwise) into a creative collective, with no editors, word counts, guidelines, meetings, buy-lines, or minutes not your own. You always were; I’m reminding you. I have no authority, title, or position, and therefore every right, to issue this invitation, to dance with me in public […]

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Elemental Wedding

STACKING BOULDERS (Water) We were in Boulder, CO on our honeymoon when the protests started in Istanbul. The same story as everywhere else: a park being turned into a shopping mall. The mandate of a largely rural, religious electorate used to attack the rights and freedoms of a more urban, secular opposition. Books and music […]

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