For Real, Though

There’s a bird I hear in the mornings that I think of as a wind-down bird, because it sounds like a mechanical wind-up toy at the end of its stored-up torque, the sound getting lower as its slows to a stop. Two notes, maybe a musical third apart, sliding from low to high, that pairing […]

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Shamanic Moon and Spoken Coasts

For that one descending eye-lash curve of bridge where the Beaverton-Hillsdale drops down onto Barbur, you can get some serious speed on a bike, coasting down into that first view of Portland, the lane leaning left, but your mind can keep going out over the river, into the sunrise. You have all of this momentum, […]

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Gates and Streams

I was in the attic-space of a friend of mine, on the Fourth of July, where he had set up a work nest of neatly organized tools, drawers of electrical components. He pointed out, on the opposite wall, an impressive collection of medals won by his marathon-running wife. Both sides of the room were collapsed […]

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Sun Gate Serials: Yes, And…

Let me give away the punchline to a joke from The Hydrogen Sonata (2012), by Ian M. Banks: The Mistake Not…, a culture ship, embattled with a rogue Gzilt colonel hours before the entire civilization “sublimes” into a multi-dimensional (ineffable, but verifiable) beyond, taps for an instant the potentialities of hyperspace in order to teleport […]

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closed phones, open philosophy

I nonetheless liked the idea of visible electronics, and I remember dreaming of a world where everything was built to be radically transparent, where you could see through the cosmetic and superficial, all technology giving up its secrets, spilling its source code—cars, washing machines, computers, governments…

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In late February I was on the back of a motorbike in the Dominican Republic, at three or so in the morning. A different part of the road, days before, had been washed out by a mudslide. It was an island of motorcycles, the gas for which would be sold at the side of the […]

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